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Frontend Web Developer (m/f/x)

Frontend Web Developer (m/f/x)

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Innsbruck / Vienna / Remote

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About the role

From static to stunning. It's your job to breathe life into our designs

We are looking for a passionate and skilled frontend dev to join our growing team. At Momentum your code will make a difference. You are going to work on smaller projects on your own or collaborate in small teams to tackle bigger challenges.

You know the ins and outs of

  • React
  • Node

Not a must-have but definitely a plus

  • Typescript
  • Next.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Experience with popular CMS solutions

What you will be working on

  • Small, static websites (Next / sometimes Webflow)
  • Full-stack web apps, dashboards, etc. (Next)
  • E-commerce projects (Shopify Liquid / Hydrogen)

Some soft skills we are looking for

  • You are a fast learner
  • You don't need a set of rigid tasks to get stuff done
  • You are able to describe and explain complex technical tasks or problems in laymen's terms


Benefits you will love and brag about

  • Flexible work hours

    We measure your output, not your time at the desk. We trust that you'll get your work done and know when to take a break.

  • Remote work policy

    We have offices and coworking spaces in Innsbruck, Vienna and London, but offer a fully flexible remote work policy.

  • Lunch and snacks on us

    We will provide you with a budget to spend on lunch, snacks, delivery, take-away or anything food-related you like.

  • The 10% rule

    You will be allowed to spend 10% of your official work hours to push and develop your own ideas, whatever it might be.

  • Premium hardware

    You will be provided with a laptop and a smartphone of your choice (mostly Apple), which you will be able to use for company as well as private purposes.

  • Mentoring & career planning

    Let us know what your short- and long-term career goals are and we will support and mentor you along your career path.

  • Regular training

    From day one, we make it a priority to support you and your skills. You'll receive intensive training and further education.

  • Regular team events

    We organise sports events such as hiking or skiing as well as non-sports events such as breakfasts, team buildings or summer festivals.

  • Application

    Apply now and become a Digital Thinker at Momentum

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