About us

We are a strategy hub. A design studio. And a development & ecommerce powerhouse

We are a diverse bunch of strategic thinkers, story tellers, content creators, art directors, designers, developers, project managers and marketing experts. But at our core, we are all digital thinkers, with a passion for technology and a focus on impactful solutions.

What makes us different

Creatives and technology. We think it's a magical connection. That's why we've worked hard to make it seamless.

  • We are internationally connected

    We draw on ties to research at a top 3 university, work with multinational corporations as well as experts and mentors from many industries.

  • We design for humans

    Everything we do is about making experiences better for real people. That’s why our products work and our clients love to work with us.

  • We are agile and fast

    Let’s not inflate processes and create unnecessary overheads. Our tasks are difficult enough. Instead, let's work on exceptional solutions with flexibility and agility, delivered quickly and effectively.

  • We are data-driven

    We love proof. That’s why most of what we do is data-driven. It makes the teams more productive and our output much more convincing.

  • Founders

    We are founded by the best parts of two generations

    Philip Farbmacher

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Portrait Philip Farbmacher

    Hi, I am Philip, co-founder of Momentum. Before co-founding Momentum, I graduated from Imperial College London in Innovation & Technology Management as part of the class of 2019. A couple of years prior, I founded a food & beverages startup in Vienna, which is still going strong. I also held a project management role at a big 4 company in Vienna for 1.5 years, after graduating from Vienna School of Economics and Business in 2017. Especially during my time in London, I was able to learn about the Design Thinking approach and all methods and principles that come with it, which we now heavily benefit from in our daily work at Momentum.

    Wolfgang Farbmacher

    Co-Founder & Business Development

    Hi, I am Wolfgang, Co-founder of Momentum. I was lucky enough to hold cross-country leadership roles in multinational corporations such as Philips, Robert Bosch AG and Avaya throughout my long career in technology and management. A also founded and successfully led the internationally-acting FAWO Communications in 2008, which still exists to this day. In addition to the roles I held, I was and am part of various Think Tanks focused on digital innovation in health care and life science. Now I focus on bringing everything that I learned and experienced over the years into Momentum and give us and edge over our competitors.


    We are
    Digital Thinkers

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    Joël van den Hoven

    Senior Project Manager

    Roman Fischer

    Digital Project & Account Manager

    Johannes Felder

    Brand Strategist & Communication Designer

    Ekaterina Safonova

    UX / UI Designer

    Aleksander Knöbl

    Frontend Web Developer

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    Your dream role

    treehouse in the forrest

    Proud member of treehouse

    Treehouse is a joint-venture combining the strengths of NIO, Awee and Momentum to deliver exceptional projects.

    Christian Baumgartner

    nio–studio, art director

    Corinna Pfurtscheller

    nio–studio, art director

    Johannes Felder

    Awee, Brand Strategist & Communication Designer

    What we believe in

    Rooted in the Austrian alps, we work with exceptional clients in Europe and the UK

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We believe that diversity and inclusion drive innovation and bring unique perspectives to problem-solving.

  • Boldness

    We believe being bold is a core element of delivering innovative, creative and successful solutions.

  • Continuous Learning

    We don't know everything, but we can learn anything. Continuous learning is at the core of what we do.

  • Integrity & Accountability

    Honesty, trust as well as full commitment to employees and customers is our priority.

  • Work at Momentum

    Become a Digital Thinker at Momentum

    Want to be part of a vibrant work culture focused on togetherness and a sense of community - even remotely? Let’s work together on delivering the best solutions possible. Apply now and enjoy unique benefits at Momentum.

    • 🏖️ Enjoy remote work and frequent workation
    • 💡 Spend 10% of your work time developing your own ideas
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