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Alaska Wild Salmon

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The culinary diversity from Alaska's natural wild waters. The finest gourmet pieces from Alaska's natural wild waters. Thousands of wild streams and rivers, crystal-clear lakes, and 74,000 km of coastline. The rich fishing grounds are home to a unique culinary diversity. We bring the world's best wild salmon and selected high-quality seafood fresh to your doorstep three times a year.

About the project

Taking an entirely offline company into the e-commerce and digital space

The project was delivered in close collaboration with Spectrum Werbeagentur. Building on Spectrum's brand work and screendesign, the project involved building up the entire e-commerce processes and supply chains - from frontend to backend end to logistics - for a previously entirely non-digital company. In addition we were and are responsible for strategy, setup, and maintenance of the ERP system and logistics and continuously support our client through training and change management services. Drawing on Shopify and Xentral as our technology choices, the goal was to develop an online shop to enable customers to purchase a high-quality premium product such as Alaskan Salmon online.

What we did

A proven system to deliver impact


    We discover needs, pain points, wishes, requirements and more about our users.


    We develop concepts, strategies and action plans on how to leverage the previously discovered pain points or solve our user’s problems.


    Once we have tested and validated our designs and prototypes, we go into development and execution. Now we are talking agile software development.


    Launching a new product or service requires clear and thought-out go-to-market strategies. We focus all our energy on the big day!


    After launch comes growth. This phase is accompanied by careful strategic work that makes sure the product or service is continuously improved as it evolves.

Corporate colours

Alaska can be seen and felt in every little detail

Hex #425165

Hex #AE9962

Hex #E2E6EB


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