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A full and transparent audit of how your website performs and what should be improved.

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A full and transparent audit of how your social media channels perform and what should be improved.

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Step by step instructions on how to successfully build an online shop that generates revenue.



You have a question and need some advice. One of our experts will be in touch and offer you expertise.

Funding Consultation


What type of funding and grants are out there and which ones are you eligible for. We find your perfect fit.

Web3 & Metaverse Introduction


A short intro to learn about Web3 and metaverse and what it means for your organisation.

Design Thinking Introduction


What is Design Thinking and how can your organisation utilise it to your benefit.

Artificial Intelligence crash course


ChatGPT, GPT-4, Midjourney, OpenAI and many more AI tools are taking over the world. Or are they? Learn what they can do and how you can leverage them to your businesses' advantage

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E-Commerce & Development

Alternatives to Mailchimp: the 4 best GDPR-compliant email marketing tools in 2022

9 min read

Strategy & Advisory

The best digitalization grants in Austria for 2023 (and how to apply for them)

10 min read

Strategy & Advisory

5 Tips for successful employer branding in 2022

9 min read


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