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Are AI-Tools the next groundbreaking revolution?

Philip Farbmacher

Founder & CEO


May 31st, 2023


May 31st, 2023

5 min

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what everyone talks about right now. Especially Digital Thinkers are eagerly discovering AI-Tools for themselves. With just a few clicks, seemingly endless solutions for all kinds of problems are generated: SEO-optimized landing pages, exciting blog posts, catchy claims, and process-optimized funnels – all of the above are no longer an issue and a matter of minutes thanks to language AI programmes like ChatGPT & Co. But what can AI programmes really do, and where is human finesse still needed? Read on to learn more.

We could have made our lives easy: "ChatGPT, write a text about artificial intelligence for us." Done. Creating an interesting, informative blog post requires not only creative resources but also time for research, fact-checking, SEO, and more. Besides, the topic of this article would be a challenge for AI. With the right instructions, it can write entire essays to explain a subject in-depth. So, we decided to let the bot have its say:

What are the benefits of AI-Tools in online marketing?

"With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), new possibilities for problem-solving arise in the digital world, particularly in the field of e-commerce and online marketing. AI-based algorithms and machine learning enable companies to efficiently analyze extensive amounts of data and gain valuable insights from it. These insights can be used to generate personalized recommendations for customers, better understand their purchasing preferences, and improve the overall shopping experience. The applications of AI in e-commerce and online marketing are diverse and offer companies the opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage and increase efficiency. As an AI-based language model, I have written this paragraph to highlight the importance of AI in this context."

What's new about ChatGPT, Neuroflash, and Co.?

What ChatGPT summarizes within seconds is precise, accurate, and objectively formulated. And here lies one of the programme's strengths: it can offer very good solutions very quickly. To achieve this, the chatbot has been fed with vast amounts of data - currently up until the year 2021 - which it can draw upon to generate individual strategies or texts for the users. However, this also means that any recent events have not yet been incorporated into the AI program. In general, working on and with artificial intelligence is not new, of course. Smart homes, voice assistants, image creation on mobile phones - there are numerous examples where AI has already made our everyday lives easier. What's new, however, is that the programs are now available to everyone and extremely user-oriented. Anyone with internet access can work with artificial intelligence today. That is, in our opinion, an extraordinary development and a significant milestone! With ChatGPT, in particular, we can engage in a dialogue with a machine and develop a tailor-made text. This revolution will likely still be talked about in 100 years!

What possibilities do new AI-Tools offer?

We believe that AI can provide enormous support, especially in terms of efficiency and productivity. When deployed correctly, AI programs allow us to automate certain tasks and processes. This not only saves time and resources in implementation but also minimizes errors and improves the performance of employees. Some voices might now argue, "AI is causing humans to become obsolete!" That is, of course, not the goal. Instead, it's about shifting potentials in a meaningful way. We see machines as assistants and collaborators, allowing humans to focus on tasks that require empathy, common sense, and creativity. What will be key in the future is, how we utilize AI programs effectively without blindly relying on them or demonizing them altogether.

What are the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

However, risks and doubts about the current state of technology certainly exist and are sometimes justified. Because AI is creating uproar in the digital world, not only as a chat program but also in the music and art scenes. It calls for a controlled approach: How do we handle digitally created content that relies less and less on human expertise? Who is considered the creator in art and music? Is it the person operating the AI with a few clicks, or is it the AI itself, which ultimately produces an artificially created image or even music tracks that can be monetized? Some roles will certainly be replaced by artificial intelligence, what happens then to the employees? People, companies, and policymakers are called upon to take action.

Negative headlines and precautions

Spotify recently removed tens of thousands of song titles from its stream that were produced using the AI software "Booty". Artists complained that people who otherwise had no connection to music were making money through this method. Italy temporarily blocked ChatGPT due to uncertainties regarding data protection. It is now available again with certain limitations. The EU has formed a working group to advocate for a secure handling of ChatGPT.

We conclude: How we work with AI-Tools at Momentum

Nevertheless, we are confident that, when and if deployed correctly, artificial intelligence can significantly simplify our daily work and that of our clients. Therefore, we are already starting to test and apply AI programs in a secure setting, for example, for guides, support, or automated reminders. Our goal is to deliver even better projects by combining "real" human power with artificial intelligence, ensuring our clients are always up to date. Because the fact of the matter is that AI will continue to significantly influence the working world.

If you want to learn more about AI tools and how you can use them for your company, take a closer look at our crash course in Artificial Intelligence.

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